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    We approach the game table as if we were protecting our life line! One to get set, two to get ready and three to go! High expectations and a chance to be a winner! Eyes on the score keeper, sometimes a participant might need help adding up her score. Laughter, loud yes's when we pick up a minus five, groans when the large numbers arrive in our hand. Slowly we are learning the skill of spying on the other participants and watch for opportunities to block their move. When we can we feel so proud. Our aim is to get better with every hand and strive for the lowest score. The brain cells get a work out too and this is good for us old folk! Drift off and your done so we need the snacks and strong coffee close. At the end of each game each one expresses how good it is to get together and we thank NINE for this opportunity. The sad part, at this time of isolation, we can't play and in every conversation on the phone we mention it. In summary its just an easy get together time and we love it. Here is a tip: The losers donate one loonie to charity each time and deposit it into our special bank: and at the end of this year we will donate it to charity. This adds another challenge to our game. It's NINE all the time, 9.

    Joy Van Herwaarde Edmonton
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    "This game has given us many hours of laughter and entertainment!! Playing as teams,usually men vs women, we have hosted tournaments with as many as eight couples playing at different tables. Makes for great fun. We also like this game as an intergenerational pastime with both our adult children and our grandchildren. What enjoyment we have had with Playnine Brian and Twyla Supervich Edmonton

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